Kyu Butler


Studio Policy

Kyu Butler Piano Studio

With a love of all things music and performance, Kyu Butler Piano Studio seeks to continually develop, create, and share her musical artistry with the world.

Since every child is different, as a teacher, Kyu is flexible in communicating with parents to find the best way for each student. It is important for parents to know the direction their children are taking with their studies. This means that parents can track and guide their children. In order to do that, communication between parents and Kyu is very important. Please stay with your children for the entire lessons and take notes, if necessary, and help with practice and homework. 

Studio Policy is included in the Information Packet.


Responsibilities of Parent:

1. Attend lessons. Keep in background while there, remembering child cannot learn from two teachers.

2. Help child recall the lesson. Take notes yourself at the lesson.

3. Learn to play along with child (piano, violin, cello, etc)

4. Be responsible for playing the current recording daily.

5. Become accustomed to repetition. Remember children do not tire of repetition unless others show boredom in their manner or tone of voice.

6. Supervise practice time. Remember that short practice periods are more beneficial for the younger child.

7. See that the instrument is in good condition, that the piano bench is adjusted to proper height and you have some kind of footstool for the young child.

8. See that your child attends all classes, recitals, and special events.

9. Try to make the learning of music a positive, enjoyable experience in your child's life, as well as your own. 

- From HNU -